Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Killer Product to oppose Iphone in India

Welcome I-Phone, your way is tough
The indian entry for IPhone is not the road with roses, the rivals are waiting for the premium mobile war in India. This revolutionary product is supposed to launched on 22nd August in India. With the estimated price range of 30,000 Rs., this product is expected to become the must have thing in the premium mobile segment. But other mobile makers don't want to loose their market that easily. They are ready with their latest offering to rock the indian market. But a tech savy customer will get the real value of money within this broad choices of devices.

Nokia N96 - Now TV on N-series
World leader and indian biggest cellphone seller "Nokia Corporation" is planning to place the killer product, N96 to indian market, with strong base of more 20,00,00,000 mobiles of all the brands.

In a first global launch in India, the world's largest cell phone maker, Nokia has unveiled its 'killer product' N96 with the expected price range of 35,000 to 40,000 Rs. premium market, launched two days (20th August) before the official launch of Apple iPhone.

This allmighty wonder has the following arms to rule the market,
1. 16 GB of internal flash memory, memory expansion via hot-swappable microSD memory cards which can store 40 hours of video or 12,000 songs.
2. System operates on S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2, supported by 128 Mbytes of RAM, 256 Mbytes of system memory (operating system plus dynamic memory for user data)
3. Dual Camera - main of 5 megapixel and secondary cam is VGA for Video conferencing.
4. Full 3G support - UMTS networks (WCDMA 2100/850; HSDPA) necessity for upcoming 3G revolution in India.
5. This also Supports DVB-H-based mobile TV with integrated antenna. with recording streaming and simultaneous recording streaming facility.
6. All these features in a really light-weight pack of 125 grams only.
more details on official Nokia Europe Site

Sony Ericsson - Keep the Bond set with you
Mostly chosen for multimedia features, Sony Ericsson is also charging themselves up for the war. The most awaited Sony Ericsson Maria is still covered in the fog of secrecy, Sony is launching new Cybershot Series varients with the title of "James Bond Phones".

C902 - will be the average range 3G enabled product costing 20,000 Rs. will grab the tag of Slimmest 5 MP camera phone (with 10.5 mm thickness) from LG.

C905 - is thundering 8 Megapixel Cybershot camera based phone, but may find difficulty in attracting the music savy customers.

Battery life has been the major problem with Sony Ericsson Handsets, I think they have improved this fault this time.

More information on Sony Ericsson Official Site

Spice X-1 - differentiating the GAME way

In this crowd of multimedia phones, SPICE telecom decided to launch its Gaming phone Spice X-1, to indian market; something that may be the reason Sony Ericsson is so interested in acquiring Spice Mobiles. The Spice X-1 has been clearly designed to appeal to the younger audience who are greatly into the mobile gaming scene, thus the dedicated gaming console.

On the features front, 2.4 inch screen, Bluetooth, FM radio with record and play feature, 2 megapixel camera, and the good old microSD expansion slot is available on this.
Gaming front is supported by a good quality sound system thanks mostly to the Yamaha amplified 3D surround sound tech along with those great dedicated gaming keys. The Spice X-1 comes with pre-installed games and Opera Mini, and is now available in India as a price of Rs. 8899 that’s about $210.00

In-spite of not so old memories of failure of gaming phones, this is courageous move from the Spice. But I think Indian Market is ready as well as mature enough to handle a gaming mobile.

Summarizing together Indian Premium Mobile Segment is going to be a red ocean for top players.


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