Friday, September 5, 2008


CHROME !!! Google's Latest Product
Recently Google revealed their Browser project BETA, this is not a new thing for IT enthusiast. This latest entry can create some serious competition for other Open (as well as closed source) moments for better browsing experience.

Based on Mozilla 5.0 core & Apple Webkit, this combo is a deadly creation with good bundle of services embedded in it.

After Internet Explorer 8 BETA 2, I have tried my hands on this newborn baby & the efforts are worth. Google has not disappointed me.

1. Looks - look-wise its a totally google brainchild. Clean simple interface, no clumsy menus and surprisingly only two buttons except the navigation buttons.

2. System load - Its really very lightweight for the system, according to inbuilt task manager it takes hardly 32 MB of RAM, as compare to Safari 38MB and Firefox 3.0 207 MB with some add-ons and 4 tabs. Even it loads faster, I think much more faster than any other browser.

3. Performance - Really rocking, in-spite of being BETA, it scores 78/100 for ACID3 test. (let me remind you that IE8 Beta 2 scores 27/100, Firefox 71/100 & Opera 68/100)

4. Uniqueness -
1. As usual google touch to web-surfing. One box for all - Search, History, Address-bar, Bookmarks and all...
2. History tabs in a new page, as like Fast-Dial of Opera, for most visited pages.
3. Use web apps without opening your browser. Application shortcuts can directly load your favorite online apps.
4. You can drag tabs out of the browser to create new windows, gather multiple tabs into one window or arrange your tabs as you wish - quickly and easily.
5. Incognito mode - incognito mode for private browsing without keeping the trace of visits.
6. Tabs are independent of window, drag 'n create a new browser window, as simple as a mouse play.

and so on
for more information Click On!!!

After trying it I think still it needs some improvements like it denies upwards scrolling for my HP nx7300 TouchPad, where every other browser do.

I appreciate the base of Mozilla 5.0 & Apple Webkit, but advice for the developer team will be to make a webkit nightly powered product, which will comply all the needs for future.



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