Tuesday, August 12, 2008

7 weaknesses in IPhone3G

The much awaited Apple Iphone 3G is finally on the Indian doorsteps by Airtel.
The news says that it will be available somewhere around 22nd August.

But following are the raw facts, one must think before planning for IPhone 3G.

This extraordinary handset is lacking on some really common expectations, even one may take these things fore-granted.

1. No MMS Support - YES, There is no MMS (multimedia messengering service) support in Iphone 3G. The very entertaining feature for youth is missing in this particular geek. Also there are no any chances from apple make necessary corrections.

2. No Cut Paste Across the applications - IPhone is supported with large variety of application base, but there is no text transfer across the third-party applications. This can be treated as bug, but whatever, It is there.

3. No Voice Dialing - The very basic feature even available in grandfather mobiles like Nokia 3310, is not there in this all new rocking device.

4. No Adobe Flash support - This Iphone 3G is fantastic at delivering high speed internet, but the world is restricted upto NON-FLASH sites. There is not Adobe Flash support in Iphone browser. So no animation rich graphics will irritate Iphone browser.

5. No Video Recording - Shockingly YES, Iphone3G can't record the video stream from the camera.

6. No Replaceable Battery - This problem can cut your pocket reasonably. If there is any problem with battery, one need to replace the whole Iphone.

7. Price (30,000 Rs. Approx.) - When the same model is available in other countries for somewhere around Rs. 10,000, In India, this will take around 30k Rs. in order to make you a proud owner of one.

In the supporting feature list, the stereo bluetooth streaming is missing in this music set.
According to me, instead of rushing for IPhone 3G, one should wait for Nokia's Supernova series, armed with 3MP+ camera and cool looks.

This is a a good product in a good product period, but probably missing some stuff...

(Taken from an article in Navabharat Times)


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