Friday, August 1, 2008

Ubuntu - Leading the OPEN competition

After release of HARDY HERON (Ubuntu 8.04 LTS), Ubuntu is conquering the customer base with a drastic force. According to Canonical’s official press release for Gutsy Gibbon, Ubuntu has a “strong and growing user base of over 6 million people.”

When I started searching about UBUNTU popularity; I came across some really interesting stats

According to, a leading linux portal, Ubuntu stands second in the list.’s ranking of different versions of Linux to judge a distro’s popularity. This is simply a ranking of the average number of hits per day that each distro’s page gets on the site.
The list goes like this....
  1. PCLinuxOS
  2. Ubuntu
  3. openSUSE
  4. Fedora
  5. Sabayon
  6. Mint
  7. Debian
  8. Mandriva
  9. MEPIS
  10. Damn Small
Google Trends shows the following distribution

In addition to that, the comparison in between all open source operating systems shows

In the digging by for Linux distributions,

  • Ubuntu: 163
  • Fedora: 10
  • Mandriva: 8
  • SUSE: 8
  • Debian: 6

  • Ubuntu has became the important DIGGing by users...

    So as a user and follower of Ubuntu, I want to say that



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