Monday, December 27, 2010

Introduction to Android

When we take a look at history of smartphones or PDA phones earlier, We find RIM's Blackberry & Microsoft PocketPC

Initially Microsoft was at lead at the time of PocketPC and IPAQ launching, WindowsMobile till version 5, because there were only two rival, enjoying happily in their respective segments i.e. Blackberry is working for corporates and BrewOS (TexasInstruments) was largely headstratched by developers.

iPhone turned everything upside down. That was a huge shock for WindowsMobile to add salt on it, WindowsMobile 6.5 was terrible, Unstable and had hardly any improvement over WinMo6. 

After the death of iPAQ series hardwares, there was one more player working silently with opensource model. That was Open Handset Alliance. This group of worlds top-notch hardware and software gaints, is dedicated for making an OS, which will be open source and flexible enough to be adopted on all makes of handset.  With initial experiments of launching knoppix kernel on devices like HP IPAQ, finally they cameup with a green robot, which emerged as ANDROID. Google acquired Android Inc. and that was the rise of new era in truly smartphones apart from Apple.

In a return, I was expecting something extraordinary from Microsoft, as like they did in Windows7 desktop OS. In reality, Microsoft is busy in offering poor excuses like users do not use CUT-COPY-PASTE in smartphones, instead of adding that feature. It looks like they are trying to make it eye-candy, rather a good OS. 

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I am using Motorola Milestone, and after switching from Windows Mobile 6, it is way simpler to do my daily business tasks. Tough Milestone is running on slightly older version of Android (2.1 aka Eclair), will get update soon as per Motorola Facebook Announcement. (will write my review on Milestone soon)

Android  2.3 Gingerbread is now in the market with one of the classic hardware bundle called Nexus S, hardwares like Notionink Adam are waiting for Android 3.0 aka HONEYCOMB which is targeted for Tablet PC's, Even Motorola's rumored DroidTAB project is delayed for the same.

ANDROID rocks....


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