Monday, December 20, 2010

Does SANTA uses CRM???

I found this post on SugarCRM linkedin group as an advertisement. This is a really an innovative type of advertisement perfectly suitable for the occasion.

Sharing it for all my readers

Does Santa use SugarCRM??

Santa shows all the signs of being a businessman with an excellent CRM and marketing system.

  • Every year, without fail, he knows which leads to follow up, based on a selection criteria of naughty or nice.
  • His scheduling calendar ensures that he meets ALL his appointments on time and can plan the most efficient route based on those appointments.
  • His marketing schedule is bang on, meaning he doesn't needlessly waste money out of season promoting services and products that won't be taken up.
  • He has built up such a loyal customer base that THEY actually contact HIM well ahead of their deadlines to let him know what they want, to ensure he can get it rolled out on time.
  • Although he is meeting tight deadlines, his marketing methods are such that he can still find time to go out canvassing for new customers in shopping centres and other target areas.
With its search and reporting functions, scheduling and campaign facilities, SugarCRM can fulfil all Santa's requirements and much more and with Hosted solutions available from SugarUK, he doesn't have to worry about stocking up his workplace with computer equipment that needs valuable time maintaining.

Isn't it time you gave YOUR business the Santa treatment??

With special Christmas discounts presently available and long-term savings to be made before January 1st 2011, we can get your CRM solution off to a flying start (magic reindeer not required). But be quick, we can't Ho Ho Hold this offer for long!
Vikcon also offers SugarCRM solutions for SANTA like timely treatment to your BUSINESS, at really affordable rates, and yes, those are not Christmas offers. Connect to us on or 8805525650


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