Sunday, June 12, 2011

Motorola Milestone Droid

Hello and welcome back after half of the year!

I am back with yet another handon review on a once upon a time revolutionary handset, Motorola Milestone, which was launched in US as Moto DROID. The phone, which stood against much hyped iPhone, in US, and which offered a chance to restore Motorola to its place in US market.

Finally I bought the GSM varient of Moto DROID named Milstone, in late Dec 2010.
It feels rock solid, with all metal body, faced with gorilla glass LCD display, which is not AMOLED still its certeinly eye-candy. Slider is smooth, which reveals the compactly placed QWERTY and 5 way DPad key. Sidewise, volume keys are placed in rocker mechanism, and camera key on the other side. Above side, its screen unlock key, which is slightly soft, and my doubt was right. I broke it within first 4 months.

Running on Android 2.1 initially. Initially this handset was also victim of motofail, but I got Moto Froyo update (2.2.1) in March end, which was I should say, a pathatic piece of software. It drains off the battery before 24 hours and makes my handset feel like a furnace. I tried a custom ROM on it, and it works super smooth.  After update to Froyo, this handset support tethering, flash player and apps installation to SDCARD (apps2SD).

This handset runs on Cortex A8 processor, of capacity 650mhz, but Motorola underclocked it to 550mhz, along with dedicated GPU onboard. This handset is composed very well, at the time, when it  was launched. Now its slightly outdated in config, but there are forums on internet which reported, the blazing fast performance on Android Gingerbread (2.3), also the support for overclocking upto 1.2 Ghz. I personally do not recommend to try it as it will void the warranty and you might loose some official google features on handset, but this handset support it all very well.
Test snap taken with Motorola milestone
5MP camera is super decent. Sample SNAP is here. 720p video is also great, lack of front camera for video calling, makes it slightly less attractive. Volume is fairly good and loud, 3D sound effects are cool and 3.5cm audio jack makes it a great device. Videoplayer is satisfactory, but sometimes laggs in Android 2.1, after update it runs smooth.
Overall, this handset can get rating of 4.5 out of 5. Though this is out of out a great handset, but features are now slightly outdated. Firefox mobile version doesn't support this handset, also the slider can be the weekest point of this handset apart from volume rocker key.
I am satisfied with the performance, but looks like next version Milestone 2, looks more opt, decent and awesome. Great work MOTO.


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