Monday, November 8, 2010

Joomla front page problem with Internet Explorer - Solved

As I have started webdesign as my full-time profession, today I am posting a solution related to one of the popular Content Management System 'Joomla'.

I was working on a tourist website, and suddenly realized that the front page of this site is loading incompletely when I was trying to view in Internet Explorer 8, one of the notorious browsers for web-designers and developers. 

As like any other web-developer, I headed myself to Joomla Template, for checking the flaws. I should have that confidence in my skill, that there wasn't any. Then I checked with the plugins compatibility, there was hardly any problem in that as well.

The main content portion was not loading, thus I decided to check the article code, in HTML view.... OMG

There was a huge piece of code, which I have never written within, which calls around something 'XML configured office file format'. On that moment I realized that MS-OFFICE 2007, also exports its text format along with text, when it is copied into Joomla! article.

After removing that code, Joomla is running perfect and all the pages are looking as they are coded for.

Moral of the story is, Notepad++, or even notepad, is the best text composing tool. MS-Office can be better for office works, but definitely not for web-design (unless you are using Frontpage).

This is my first real-trouble shooting in Joomla!

Another news to share is, I have been asked to write technical stuff for update here as that site goes live.


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