Sunday, April 26, 2009


22nd April was celebrated world over as Earth-day, perfectly as like wastern tradition of keeping a seperate day for a cause and ignoring the cause for rest of the 364 days in year. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, (I dont know really) on Earth Day, I was driving down the highway (NH-17) and saw one truck which says, "Save the oil, save the planet, our children need this planet green!!!"

So true... but also points at the weird fact about so called GREEN Technology. 

Does reducing the carbon footprint is the only solution?
Saving our daily resources can help in reducing global warming?
and Finally, does this earth will remain green after 25 years?

While reading the article about Green-Technology published in DiGiT, which analyses few factors and few promotions like "an inconvenient truth." Team DiGiT, clarified the misleading (and convenient to directors and sponsors) points by putting some really organized and nicely formatted data. They also touched upon the points like, solar theory of climate change and the CO2 ratings for last thousand years etc.

What we can do for our earth?
Switching off the lights for "Earth-Hour" will not be a solution. (anyways MSEB is doing it for 3 hours per day for LOADSHEDING...) Niether we can only buy the ecofriendly things like green hard-disk by WD or Green Batteries by TATA.

Yesterday I had some brainstorming session with my guru, Dr. Mandalik (Ph.D. Chemistry) about what we can do for earth, some points are as follows, 

1. Stop all the racing activities on the planet from now. - we can save some handsome amount of fuel, can reduce really huge carbon emission and the transportation wastage of resources for viewers.

2. Vehicle price should also be based on the pollusion which will generate because of it. (if more the power, more will be the fuel comsumption, more will be the smoke, hence the cost should be much more for that)

3. Few simple changes in our lifestyle like, switching off the monitor if you are leaving the your desktop/laptop comp. open. You can save electricity bill as well as that valuable electricity, generation of which caused some contribution to global warming.

4. A Certification for So-Called Green products about their authenticity. Because I think keeping the green label on product can be a good marketing trick. especially on EarthDAY

5. Plant atleast a tree on your birthday and nurture it forever, after 10-20 years, you can say that, these trees are my real contributions to my planet.

6. Think about it and circulate it.... You can add your ideas as a comment to this post.



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