Monday, February 16, 2009

Its Time for a short break

a big hi to all,

Technotronical Matrix was a great journey for me, personally I learnt so many things just because of TechMatrix. When I was persuing MBA in Bangalore, and TechMatrix was an integral part of my life.  My friends who constitutes the TechMatrix team, Mru, Chinmay, Pramod, Abhinav and many more, helped me, suggested and encouraged me to keep the quality of posts.

"In this MATRIX, there are the rules and limitations as like the real world, some can be overruled some can't", as said by Morpheus in MATRIX 1. 

Even I am tied with the limitations and duties. I paid some hefty sum for getting the three letters of MBA in front of my name, and now its payback time. But I failed to grab the opportunity in campus placements. Different and numerous, there are so many reason, that not the topic of this post.

I am leaving the IT Capital of India, Bangalore. But this is not the end of TechMatrix.
This is just a short break, a preparation before taking giant lap, and a compramise with the situation.

Friends, I am taking a short break, TechMatrix will exist, and will be updated as soon as I get opportunity to get connected with internet. But as a limitations of situation, I will more concentrate on earning bread & butter for me. My love for technology will remain always, and TechMatrix will be active but at slow pace

I am really very very thankful for the support from TechMATRIX team and regular readers.
Expecting your co-operation.

Keep visiting, keep enjoying the Techonology

Stay Ahead
Stay Alert
Have a nice time...

Thank You...


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