Sunday, February 8, 2009

Windows7 Lost in the Problems

First, let me point out that I think Microsoft has done a reasonably good job developing Windows 7. Most early buzz about the operating system was positive. But MS is again ready to create havoc, I think.

Recently I stumbbled upon a news that, Win7 starter edition (laptop version) will help linux based laptop to grow. 


Yeah, Win7 Starter Edition can run only three applications at a time. I think even a novice user can user more than three applications at a time on laptop. Refer this link for more information :

UAC problem
One more Security Flaw reported by almost all top-notch Tech Portals like, Daily Tech, Engadget and i.gizmodo, is about UAC problem. Microsoft is about to create a stable build of Win7 which is in BETA currently and got shocked with a massive flaw. User Access Control is highly vulnerable.

In Vista, UAC was the headache for almost all. To turn off UAC feature, takes an hectic journey through lot of confirmation screens. Taking the lesson from it, Microsoft simplified the User Access Control feature (UAC), but its not only simplified but also vulnerable.  Long Zheng's proof-of concept script turns off UAC entirely, without prompting, by emulating a keyboard inputs. This is a massive loophole which can expose Win7 system to the external attacker. As attacker can easily turn of UAC, install his programs in startup and after reboot can use Win7 system by grabbing ADMIN access.

As per tradition, Microsoft initially denied the fact and it doesn't seem like the company intends to fix it. "This is not a vulnerability. The intent of the default configuration of UAC is that users don't get prompted when making changes to Windows settings. This includes changing the UAC prompting level."

How to Solve

Microsoft will work on this problem may be in next release candidate of Win7, but how user can get rid of it? Here is the answer, Go to Control Panel, open User Access Control, just make a setting about "Always Require a Prompt" In the meantime, you might want to slide your setting bar up.

Enjoy, Stay safe, but dont stay foolish


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