Monday, March 16, 2009

Motherboard on LOAN

The effect of recession is acting badly for sales of personal computers and PC components, which will enforcing manufacturers to look for creative strategies to market there product. EVGA has chosen the product on LOAN - the EVGA loaner program. EVGA will be sending people who sign up on special lists, available here, hardware products to test on loan.  There are two lists -- one is for a pair of NVIDIA GeForce 3DVision glasses and a Samsung LCD monitor, the other is for a EVGA X58 triple SLI board, which EVGA describes as "classified".

Don't jump by reading this attractive offer, because EVGA said that the participants will be selected randomly and cannot guarantee participation to all that sign up."   However, for those lucky participants who do get a hardware package, you get to keep it and test it out for two weeks (even overclock).  At the end of the two weeks, the only charge to you comes, in that if the product is still working, you have to send it along to the next participant via UPS.

Then where is the money? EVGA is surely hoping that some of its testers like the products so much they decide to buy them.

Anyways I am not sure that this facility is available in India. While some will scoff at such a promotion, for others it will be a neat chance to check out some of the next generation hardware products you always hear about.  

For more information check dailytech 


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