Monday, December 29, 2008

Xperia - X1 Sony powered by WinMobile

Sony Ericsson recently unveiled their much awaited PDA Xperia X1. Powered by Windows Mobile (WM 6.1 Pro) the gadget is really brillient. Its very compact (lot smaller than the imagination) side-slider phone, sports QWERTY keyboard, 3 inch screen (800 x 480 pixel) and GPS. Brushed metal finish, compact still impressive Xperia, projects itself way ahead of multimedia phones, (for which SE is known for) a typical PDA.

Technically, this genius is powered by Qualcomm MSM7200A processor clocked at 528 MHz, 512 MB ROM and 256 MB RAM enough to support fully loaded WM6.1 (I think). Xperia is loaded with 3.2 MP camera (Auto focus, ofcourse) Bluetooth 2.0, WLAN, GPRS, EDGE, GPS, MicroSD expansion slot and multicolored LED one at each corner. 5-way navigation key, touch-screen and QWERTY keyboard are the modes of controlling this gadget.

The X1 has a “curved slide” that angles the screen up, banana-style, when you slide out the keyboard. Each button carries pyramidal raised part, but key feedback is lacking.
High-Resolution screen is one of best (according to DiGit) Crisp, crystal clear and visible even in direct sunlight, fits ideally with light sensor (change in brightness is noticable). Screen-tap is a bit hard, harder than expected.

On the software front, WinMobile 6.1 is fully loaded, a long list of MS Office related applications, but no walkman software (though it is from sony erricson). Windows Media player handles the multimedia comforably, wide-screen format videos looks cool & runs flawlessly. There is a few second delay reported for some file formats, may be a software bug or codec problem. Working with documents and emails is really very easy. 3.5 mm jack, is noticable feature, something we are waiting for, ideal to connect better quality headphone. Audio quality is impressive, improves drastically with good quality headphones. Memory expansion is by MicroSD card, situated just next to battery cover, So no resetting of device for removing memory card.

Signal reception is impressive (not at par with nokia, but its good) GPS, EDGE, Wifi, bluetooth works fine with new connection manager. SIM holding is the point of disappointment, its quite weak. 3.2 MegaPixel Camera is not a good cam for this handset, can be improved further (SE should know this).

Priced at 44,500 Rs. Xperia - X1 is expensive but looking at its fast processor, sufficient RA, WM6.1 Pro and a very decent flauting value, this gadget is eye-catcher. Its also true that you get a really smart PDA with impressive screen. 

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