Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nokia with TOUCH

I just tried my hands on all new, nokia 5800. As this is the second time nokia is offering touch screen (first was that heavy duty 7710), I was little worried while taking this gadget in hand, and yes, it hanged within first 30 seconds. I think I was little too fast operating this. Resetting needs to remove battery, a bit irritating but about a minute to boot up, pretty fast as compare to other touch-screen phones.

The first and impressive thing is pretty clean layout, display is real B.I.G. big (640 x 360, nHD) and Crystal Clear (not to mention it is touch sensitive), and only three keys on front, Recieve call, End call & Menu; looks cool. Signal reception is not a problem as it is related to nokia family, sideways keypad (is it there???) lock button & sound up-down (can be used to zoom) is placed neatly. Overall appreance is appealing and attractive as well as light weigth (about 100 grams)

3G WCDMA support makes this gadget a Gen-Nxt thing, but EDGE & GPRS speed is ok, not as fast as my IPAQ. WLAN 802.11 g is only available (54mbps connection) and works good. HSDPA cat 6 support is available but I havn't tested that. GPS facility is fair enough to be used in car, nokia MAP application is also very supportive and fast.

On software front, this device is based on S60 5th edition (Symbian OS 9.4) loaded with large set of application. Nokia included a really handy "Switch" application which can grab your contacts, calenders and relevent data through bluetooth from your older nokia handset. Its really easy to switch from older to newer. media department is handled by Walkman software. Video quality is great (inbuilt Egypt video looks awesome) playback is flawless (about 30fps) Real player is nice enough to be used.

Input methods are Stylus, plectrum and finger touch support for text input and user interface control (alphanumeric keypad, full and mini qwerty keyboard, handwriting recognition) Handwriting recognition is noticable and quite good (except some very bad handwritings.) 

This handset literally "Sounds WELL". Integrated stereo speakers with surround sound are awesome and laud enough to make the place rock. Nseries media player with 8 band equalizer works perfect. Dedicated music bar is handy.

Camera is the department which disappointed me. There are two cams present here, one front camera for videocall & dedicated 3.2 MP camera with flash & Carl Zeiss lens. This is not at all good. Images are quite foggy & never justifies the Carl Zeiss tag, neither it appears like 3.2 MP. Secondary camera is ok for videocalls.

According to kiran, who owns this handset, "This handset offers too many features, in a really attractive and handy bundle, but not perfect on other fronts. This is for music and sounds really good. Other services are working thats fine, never depend on them for other tasks except Music"

Overall my rating for this gadget is 7.5/10 because, lack of camera quality, quite wide shape, problamatic connection with computer and ofcourse price (20k + including tax)

This is a nice gadget to have fun with music and touch. Nokia improved a lot on touch screen front, we can expect some touchscreen business PDA from nokia very soon.

(Thanks to Mr.M.B. Kirankumar for providing his handset for testing)


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