Sunday, November 2, 2014

Android what could be the future?

Android, the mobile OS ruling the majority chunk of the mobile world. Android has seen many transitions, faced many problems, developed many good & bad things but significantly it scaled up from zero to market dominance & served the purpose to integrate user with Google Ecosystem of information.

In 2003, a startup Android Inc. trying to build alternative mobile operating system, in Rubin's words, "smarter mobile devices that are more aware of its owner's location and preferences". Originally android was supposed to be for  Digital cameras, but then founders realized that its not that big market, so they moved to smartphones. That was the time, when iPhone project was not even in the planning stage, overall when mobile phones were luxury and in India, I we were in early stages for this new technology.

Mobile world was dominated by Nokia Symbian and Microsoft's Windows Mobile.This startup was working secretly, and once even they ran out of cash. Google was planning for the next big thing, the smartphones & eventually acquired android in 2005. Key members including Andy Rubin (one of the co-founders) joined Google & continued development. Market was expecting a Google phone after this news. Rest is the History.

Current Google empire rely heavily on Android & its users, for mobile search, maps & navigation, emails, clouds and relevant advertisements. Late last year, I saw an article (still searching for that link), in which author speculated upcoming integration of Chrome OS with Android. Even I thought of that as a cool but impractical suggestion, given the OS architecture & App ecosystem development.

But now looking at the development I believe, that gentleman was right, infact he was perfectly on the spot.

Right from Sept 2014, ChromeOS can run Android apps. Chrome has been Google's way of sneaking into Your Windows (or Linux or Mac) system and getting user familiar with Google cloud offerings. Everything you search, type, view, like, will be adding something to your virtual image, Google perceives about you. Chromebooks, are in the market for some time now, but the adaptation is not really that significant. Instead Android is growing & getting better with every next release.

I am no expert to comment on the matter, but I believe these are careful steps towards integration of both platforms and a way to sideline android with its history of copyrights and lawsuites.

I am already a fan of Material Design & eagerly waiting for Android L to be mainstream, also Android wear is getting fan following already. TV & Auto are bringing the things to new horizons. A quest of World Domination by this modern mughal will be complete soon.


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