Friday, July 12, 2013

X to rule them all! ~ Moto X a summary

It has been some good time we are hearing something or the other about a secret Motorola phone, the MOTO X.

After Google acquired Motorola on May 22, 2012, there has been a rumor for the Nexus phone made by Moto, Nexus Next or long awaited Nexus Prime. But LG stole the show with Nexus 4, with the tag of the best Nexus ever (more about it later) and No Moto Nexus phone is available even in the leaks. 

On March 1, 2013, ex-Apple evangelist & management guru Guy Kawasaki, joined Google to advice Motorola mobility. Having one of the best Management guru & iFan turned Android advocate, Guy Kawasaki for product division is indeed a deal to steal. Soon on G+, Guy Kawasaki posted a video showing customizable car, with a comment, about customizing mobile phone in similar manner. That was fuel to the rumor mill & majority of Android blogs called it to be Moto X with customizable hardware options. 

Meanwhile in April few leaked images appeared online, which later found out to be various Moto Droid Razr variants for Brasil & other markets.

Later on, Nikon closed a deal with Microsoft about camera patents interfearing with Android and got another rumor that 'X phone will feature Nikon branded camera'.

on 29th May 2013, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed the existence of flagship phone Moto X at All Things D event, touting hints about just the right screensize, OLED display, latest of android version (Kay Lime Pie ?). 

In his words "we know when it's in your pocket, we know when it's in your hand, it's going to know when you want to take a picture and fire up the cameras." It'll know when you're in the car, for instance, and promote different interactions."

 He also added that this phone will be entirely made in USA, in the Texas facility.

Finally on 3rd of July 2013, Motorola unviled the first ever teaser "Designed by You, assembled in the USA" along with company's new logo. Major part of the logo was a human figures in the shape of X & I (or P as per hands position).

As of today 12th July 2013, we have two new leaks with Moto X mention

1. Motorola phone picture found on Chinese microbloging site Weibo (link) was called to be Moto X, with matte finish back, motorola logo, camera, LED flash, 3.5mm jack & secondary mic.

(image taken from with thanks)

2. Moto X leaked launching date for Verizon US - according to,  Motorola moto X phone will launch for Verizon US from 23 August 2013 and will be customizable in terms of color, appearance and will sport custom engraving.

Till now, we have heard many more things about X Phone. Majority of the rumors or leaks, may be real (Hope we will see it soon) or fake. In a way, we are expecting best of the mobile technology to come together with Moto X, let it be customization, just the right size, additional smart sensors, connectivity with Google Glass and/or smartwatch, OLED display, nikon branded camera, LTE advance, Android KLP or waterproof design. 

X is binding together hope for the truly next generation of smart phones, I hope it will prove its worth.

Your leaks, informations, expectations & updates are welcome. Post them in comments and will update my post accordingly.

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