Friday, January 29, 2010

I-PAD is finally there

After years of speculation and waiting finally Apple revealed its "LATEST CREATION" - iPad.

But for me, this is not something great one should wait for these many years; rather I would say, its a great joke, planned so long and still not effective!
Reciting the review "LAME" by, the same gadget later grabbed the buzz with the name iPOD, I want to reserve my comments. Just want to have a look at some findings.

1. It is big sized iPhone.
2. Its super-thin but not lightweight at all. 1024 resolutions is just awesome.
3. Apple's custom built A4 cpu, is superfast. Runs all the applications comfortability. But there is not real multi-tasking, time-sharing works better for playing music while working.
4. Reading E-Book is like never before beauty. There is a tough way ahead for Kindle.
5. Accelerometer is ok, less than expected performance.

But on the negative side
1. This is oversized iPhone, without calling or SMS. There is 3G but used only for data sharing, no video conferencing, no cam. Disgusting!
2. According to's video, key-board response is slow. Atleast not as fluent as it was claimed in video.
3. No separate OS, this whole thing runs of iPhoneOS 3.2 (currently powering iPhone 3GS)
4. No Flash support still. I don't think things are cooking between Apple and Adobe. We might expect Silverlight on it.

According to me, This is not the gadget which will revolutionize the notebook or laptops, I will never replace my Compaq nx7300 for iPAD and I can't replace iPAQ with it; this is not cellphone.

In Indian conditions, netbooks are yet to get a proper respect in the community. This thing will hardly get attentional benefit other than flaunt value and APPLE tag.

Developers will have tough time to design games or resource intensive applications, as being single tasking stuff.

I Wish a Great Life ahead for iPAD...


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