Saturday, January 9, 2010

CES-2010 - eyecatching things..

After a hectic day I just had a look at CES report by Engadget. Got few really eye-catching things, just briefing here.

1. Superspeed USB - SSUSB, is real lightening fast interface. Imagine something like 130MBPS from a simple platter based hard-drive and 200+ MBPS from SSD, as tested by Engadget.
I can just imagine the aftereffects of this, some really ground cracking bandwidth for 1080p60 HD videos or crystal clear (may be even better than nvidia-purevideo) displays powered by SSUSB, or something like loading your mp3 player within few seconds. (check photo -thanks to

2. OLED Laptop - DELL presented its StudioXPS 16 OLED concept laptop, sporting ultrathin 2mm screen, wide viewing angle and ofcourse superb clearity. I will wait for its price tag before making further comments.

3. VIZIO LCD and iPhone remote application - New LCD by VIZIO is 22inch VIA and enabled with WiFi. This gorgeous 72inch thing is powered by 3D picture set and new surroundbar with HDMI1.4 and Audio returnchannel function, its worth working with.

4. BIOS update for Alienware M15x laptop, details awaited...

5. TouchRevolution's microwave powered by Android 1.5 - A real replacement for traditional phones, Microwave provides VOIP functionality, along with its keyboard-less features thanks to Android 1.5. OS might be a bit older but runs smooth according to Engadget


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