Thursday, June 25, 2009

T-mobile bringing second Android phone

T-Mobile in association with HTC bringing 'MyTouch' a touch enabled smartphone, powered by Google's open source mobile OS 'Android'. This is second Android powered mobile, But where the homely G1 found a limited home among tech-savvy early-adopter types, T-mobile is aiming the sleeker, more colorful myTouch squarely at the mainstream -- as well as at its well-hyped new opponents, the Palm Pre and iPhone 3G S.

Newsmakers and bloggers are discussing about customization capabilities of MyTouch, which can be better described as

"Like snowflakes, No two MyTouch 3Gs alike..."

The company is emphasizing the various ways consumers can customize or "personalize" their phones: from the menu options to the array of available Android applications, to the inclusion of a program called Sherpa that learns about users' real-world preferences as they visit various restaurants and businesses in their towns. (as demonstrated in image)

Sleeker than the somewhat boxy G1, the myTouch boasts longer battery life–up to six hours of talk time, one more than its predecessor–a 3.2-megapixel camera, a virtual keyboard that orients automatically from portrait to landscape mode and, more importantly, better customization.

With the price of US$199 with a two-year contract, customers can reserve it from July 8th, only in US at T-Mobile shops.

Now that the Android Market has 5,000-strong range of applications, devices like the myTouch offer a more compelling proposition than even before. As I have discussed in last post, India will take time to upgrade to 3G hence for such Android powered phones.

Now just relax, wait & watch...

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