Saturday, June 13, 2009

How they started...

Recently, I was travelling by train, ofcourse with hell lot of free time and open brain to think, I just checked the GoogleMAP on my cell and the GOOGLE sign caught my attention.
With that simple sign of Google a thought hit my mind... HOW THEY STARTED... Google, Microsoft, Yahoo etc. we know the stories (just like our local legends) but there are so many other successful names in th world like Symantec, Native Instruments or ATARI etc. Even they would have started with something small. May be like a startup company, originated from a concept, supported by the likeminded and finally got the node of business to be at top in their chosen field.

But on the passimistic side, those who got success are their on Silverplates but those who failed; even their graves are nameless.

Is it the same thing referred as a RISK in BUSINESS???

How they immitated the risk factor?
How they followed the 'once upon a time foolish' path?

A lot of material to think... right...

On the occassion of World Enviornment Day...

Can we use something wacky????
Can we use InfoTech to grow CROPS?

IT is something for which INDIA is known for and Agriculture is our core Competancy

LETS Start.....

Think GREEN.........


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