Thursday, November 6, 2008

Firefox now rules 20% World Wide Market

The recent post on mozilla blog is now announcing proudly that, Mozilla is now spread across the world claiming 20% computers which surfs the web.

In the European market, the average web visit distribution is dominated by Internet Explorer (60.12%) but Mozilla claims second place with 31.42% of share. After creating a sudden wave of excitement in the European markets, Google Chrome now failed to keep its position & now at 5th place (1.07%), as per a report from XiTi monitor web survey institute. report says that, Firefox was the most used browser in September’08. 42.6% web surfers use Firefox, followed by 26.3% Internet Explorer 7 & 22.3% Internet Explorer 6.

Now browse privatly with Firefox
To keep-up with the expectations, Firefox now added one of the most demanded features of Private Browsing, with the name of Pornmode, which allows users to turn on the privacy feature in Firefox and not have the browser capture the latest URLs or cookies that you've visited on the Web.

In fact, Stealthier has long been available as a plug-in for Firefox. The difference, however, is that porn mode is now natively built into the browser, which means a plug-in is no longer required. It's likely that a privacy browsing mode will be built into Firefox 3.1, along with enhanced privacy features and performance features.



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