Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gmail not restricted to one account only!

The fact about the Gmail account is gmail is not only the one account, but it is number of accounts can be made in combination of your account name "+" sign and whatever one word @gmail.com.

e.g. your account name is demoaccount@gmail.com
you can use it like demoaccount+1@gmail.com, demoaccount+2@gmail.com 
demoaccount+blog@gmail.com..... so on can be anything...

The mails to all above addresses will be diverted to your demoaccount@gmail.com only.

You can use this to track the spams like this.
while subscribing any blog say my blog (vikramuk.blogspot.com) subscribe with yourname+vikramuk@gmail.com

If I'm the spammer I'll use the address with blogname to the spam mails, just check the mail and you'll get the origin of the spam.

One more thing
You can use your gmail address as @googlemail.com as well; and the mail will be delivered to your Gmail address only.

Now you can mail me at


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