Saturday, May 17, 2008

Get your ORKUT theme....

Today, I'm posting one of the most awaited thing on social networking, a theme for ORKUT.
Look at my orkut account
This is nothing but a JavaScript work through a Firefox plugin called "Greasemonkey"

You need Firefox 2.4 for this trick.
1. go to firefox and click on Tools -> Addon
2. Search for Addon called Greasemonkey or you can directly add it from this link
This enables user to execute Javascripts while the specified website page is loading.

3. Now you need themes.
you can download various themes from different websites like
for trial you can access my theme collection at

How to apply the theme,

Open the Javascript theme file, in notepad. Copy all the contents there by pressing Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C

Have you noticed a monkey icon on right bottom corner of my firefox, that is Greasemonkey.
After installing the Addon, you'll get the same icon, click on it and go to New User Script.

Type the name you want to give to theme, and namespace as Orkut Theme.
afterclicking OK, once it will ask you to locate notepad.exe, which you can easily find in


It will open the notepad window.

just select all and delete all the contents inside and paste your theme contents.
Save the file and Close it.

Just refresh the orkut page and let the magic begin...

All plugins and references are from third party sites, I'm no longer responsible for any direct or indirect damage or misutilization of any content in any form. I've just posted the information and process.


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