Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mr.DELL something is running wrong on your India site

Today I was comparing the Lenovo and DELL laptops and suddenly found a good piece of fooling on DELL India site. Dell Studio 15 laptop is one of best seller model in India, which was previously used run on Intel Core2Duo processors, as compare to Lenovo Ideapad Y550P series which now runs on Core i3/i5 processors.

Today I was stunned to see DELL Studio 15 laptop specification on the product information page of DELL India site, which claims that Studio 15, now features  Intel®CoreTM  i3, Intel®CoreTM  i5 and Intel®CoreTM  i7 processors, and there is a seperate link on the top to Core i3 details.

Check the screen shot attached.

But when I clicked on the Customize, there is whole different story.

There is no option for Intel Core i3/ i5/ i7 processors but just the choice between Core2Duo T6600 and Core2Duo T8700 processors.
Check the screenshot 
(taken between 11.00 am to 11.20 am on 24/06/2010)

Was all that Core i3 and series announcement on the first page is just to grab more traffic? or to fool the not-so-techie customers?

DELL should think serious business on new Core i series processors instead of playing around the kiddish things like this. Any reader from DELL? Please inform this to your company. 

Personally I am fan of DELL, esp. the Alienware products are my dream gadgets and eagerly waiting for Dell lightening smartphone in India. but such type of goof-ups are not expected from one of the most respected brand in computers.


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