Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Welcome Win7

Tonight Microsoft will unveil the latest edition of much awaited Operating System Windows7. After months of speculations, three BETA editions (two official and one unofficial) and so many compatibility issues for Antivirus and other softwares, finally this version is ready to hit the market.

Challenge is already waiting as Mac OS Snow Leopard, but this time, I think Windows is ready this time. The eye-candy superbar can be touted as inspired from the Mac OS doc, but overall everything is perfect.

There are two more news about this.
One is about Windows8 the socalled next version is under the development stage with spectacular 128 bit architecture, the unconfirmed source disclosed to

Another news is about the reaction to Win7, leading open-source supporter IBM and Canonical ("The same company behind Ubuntu) jointly working on Windows7 alternative, in the form of IBM Smart-work suite running on Canonicals Ubuntu Linux, to offer cost effective and less hardware consuming option.

"IBM is looking to create something better—focused on usability, openness, and security with a path to cloud computing—in market segments that make sense," said Bob Sutor, IBM vice president of Linux and Open Source. "Linux as the basis of the desktop is a pragmatic choice and gives a nod to the likely future of the desktop as being open and often virtualized."

Hardware is that expensive for Windows7?
According to recent study by Softchoice 80% of corporate PC's are already comfortable in running Windows7, this scene is promising as compare to 50% score for Windows Vista before launching.

In this situation, the cost-effectiveness alternative by IBM will hardly attract the target of upgrading required corporate users.

The war is on...

Time will decide the winner...



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