Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Open Source Mobile in stores now...

Neo Freerunner, Openmoko's open-source Linux-based smartphone unveiled at the end of 2007, is finally on its way to online retailers and will be available starting the first half of July. This comes after the smarpthone was initially announced for an April release, but it was delayed because of some unnamed hardware problems. Well, now everything's fixed and the Linux smartphone can already be pre-ordered. The suggested retail price of Neo Freerunner is $400 (around 255 Euros).

Coming as the successor of Neo 1937, released in a limited number of units last year, Neo Freerunner is presented as being a "completely open, hackable hardware platform". This allows users to customize the handset however they like, with no restriction (save for the one that limited Linux knowledge might bring).


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