Tuesday, January 8, 2008

OpenMoko - Worlds First Open Source Mobile

OpenMoko Announces the World’s First Integrated Open Source Mobile Communications Platform at Open Source in Mobile Conference in Amsterdam. OpenMoko will show off their newest phone which based on open source to public. The phone is called as Neo FreeRunner, and will be on display in Consumer Electronics Association (CES) exhibition, January 7- 10, 2008 in Las Vegas, United States.

FreeRunner is the develop product from FIC Neo1973 (bases on Linux), which has lauched for the developer in July 2007. FIC Neo1973 is a phone with interesting enough design, equipped with touch screen, Global Positioning System (GPS), push e-mail service (look like BlackBerry), calendar synchronization and contact list.

Not far different, FreeRunner is alike Neo1973, but is equipped by 2-D/3-D graphic feature and processor 500-MHz for better performance and audio and video processing.

There will be 2 type of FreeRunner phone: tri-band 850-MHz and tri-band 900-MHz version. Both versions will be integrated with Wi-Fi to access high-speed internet and motion sensor which capable to detect user activity.

FreeRunner also will be collaborated with Jalimo, an open source project led by Germany software development company, Tarent GmbH, to mainstream development of more sophisticated Java application.

OpenMoko itself is a name for development platform of based on Linux mobile software. OpenMoko revolution is from openness which supported. OpenMoko designed to facilitate developer to adding the application above base phone ability.

First International Computer (FIC) announced that OpenMoko is the platform of choice for their next generation smartphones. Joining OpenMoko at the Open Source in Mobile Conference in Amsterdam, FIC announced that their latest smartphone, called the “Neo1973,” will be the first commercially available smartphone powered by OpenMoko.

Key features of the Neo1973 smartphone include:

2.8” VGA touch screen
A-GPS for location and navigation services
GSM850/900/1800/1900 compatibility for network support in Europe, Asia-
Pacific, Japan, Africa and the US
Application manager to install / remove / update applications
Push email, contacts, and calendar synchronization
OpenMoko Software Development Kit (SDK) for application development
The Neo1973 smartphone, along with OpenMoko, will be internationally available January 2007.

About OpenMoko
OpenMoko is an open source mobile communications movement on a mission to create a platform that empowers people to customize their phone, much like a computer, in any way they see fit. It is a platform that focuses on innovation, usability, reliability, and quality.

OpenMoko’s heart lies deep into the components and resources of the Open Source and Free Software Movements. Moko is short for Mobile Kommunikations. ‘K’ is a tribute to all hackers around the world that build software that drives innovation into the platform. Open means that developers around the world can evolve the platform in anyway they like.


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